Since 2012 E11even Management Inc. has been an industry leader in club, event, league, and player management. We are a boutique soccer advisory firm with well known, and experienced soccer professionals at all levels (professional, national, college/university, community) of the game.


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For your convenience we have prepared a checklist for team managers.


January 15th 


  • Read all tournament information (rules, policies, format, etc)

  • Register for SX Spring Cup 

  • Provide payment 


Upon Registration


  • Book hotels HERE

  • Book air travel

  • Book ground transportation


Within 2 Months of Event


  • Complete travel permits from Provincial/State Association


Within 1 Month of Event


  • Complete online check in (link will be emailed to all team managers when check in opens)

  • Confirm rooming list with hotels. Release any unused rooms

  • BC teams make sure any Short Term Event Player Permits  you need are completed at least 5 business days before the tournament starts. You can find permits HERE


Within 1 Week of Event


  • Tournament schedule will be released HERE 7 - 10 days prior to the tournament start date

  • Send game schedule to parents/players

  •   Send field maps to players/parents located HERE

  • OR download the event app from iTunes or the Google Playstore by searching "Event Connect" to view the schedule, scores & standings 

  • Update your official team roster. For more information click HERE

  • Submit your travel documentation HERE

  • View and send the link to the SX SPRING CUP INFORMATION PACKAGE to everyone on your team.